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Free Kitchen Designs2015-09-22T10:35:30+01:00

Are you looking for a kitchen design? Call us to discuss your plans for your kitchen layout.

Fire Door Advice2015-09-22T10:18:30+01:00

Looking for Fire Door Advice? You’ve come to the right place. We install, upgrade and replace doors to meet all fire regulations to the latest accordance guidelines.

Security & Front Door Changes2015-09-22T10:16:39+01:00

Concerned about changing your front door and security? We measure up your doors prior to replacing, your home or business security will not be effected as we will have someone present at all times and we are extremely time efficient when door and window upgrades are concerned.

How easy is it to change Doors?2015-09-22T10:13:53+01:00

In general it’s straight forward and simple for a carpenter who has been changing doors for many years but for someone who is not used to changing doors and re-hanging techniques it can be your worst nightmare and very time consuming. Our advice, leave it to the carpentry experts.

What are the Best Hinges?2015-09-22T10:11:40+01:00

What are the best hinges for oak? (Heavy Doors)

Kitchen Wall Units2015-09-22T10:10:28+01:00

What is the height or recommended height for kitchen wall units?

Kitchen Worktop Height2015-09-22T10:09:44+01:00

What is the height or recommended height for kitchen worktops?

Flooring Expansion Gap2015-09-22T10:08:32+01:00

What is the standard size for the expansion gap when fitting laying flooring?