Welcome to my Carpentry Website for all services and products related to carpentry and joinery.

I live in Weston-super-Mare Somerset in the coastal town and provide all of my carpentry skills regionally including the City of Bristol, Taunton and sometimes travel as far as Bath if customer is searching for a carpenter to install a kitchen or large carpentry/joinery project.


Among my carpentry and joinery services that are listed within my website I also provide Construction work such as:

Building Site Location and Batter Board Construction

Elevation and Excavation Depth Determination
Continuous Footing Form Construction

Easy Strip Concrete Wall Form Construction

Floor Framing

Exterior Wall Framing

Gable Roof Framing

Hip Roof Framing

Flat Roof Framing

Shed Roof Framing

Exterior Wall Covering

Sheathing And Covering Roofs

Stair Construction

Interior Tile Flooring

Heat Insulation And Vapour Barriers

Wall And Ceiling Gypsum Board Finish
House Space Design

Golden Section Construction
Golden Section Modular Home Plans
Modular Home Treated Wood Foundations
Trench Shoring

Mini Modular Homes
Double Wide Modular Homes
Cabinet Joints

Fibre Optic Solar Heating

Single Pole Scaffold Construction
Concrete Mixtures
Double Pole Scaffold Construction
Wooden Ladder Construction

Sawhorse Construction

Sawhorse Construction At An Exact Height
With Angle Cosines